Hate Running? Here are some tips to get you out of your cardio funk

Let’s face it, not everyone can wake up bright and early, hop out of bed and instantly decide a run sounds like the best idea.  Most of us (including myself) enjoy our leisurely morning with a nice cup of a coffee and some downtime before the hectic day begins.

So, if you’re stuck in a rut where you need to get cardio in but the thought of running makes you tired just thinking about it, look no further.



There’s no time like the present, and with summertime rolling in there’s no better time to kick your cardio into high gear by hitting your nearest pool or beach! An article by Tesco Living states that not only does swimming burn more calories in 30 minutes than its other competitors, but it also manages stress, enhances your self-esteem and improves your sleeping patterns.



This shouldn’t come as a shock to most, since spin classes of the Soul Cycle type are all the rage these days!  Whether it be indoor or outdoor, cycling is an incredible way to boost your cardio workouts in a new and exciting way.  An article published by Cycling Weekly shows that in just an hour of cycling an individual can burn anywhere from 400-1000 calories depending on the level of intensity.  That sounds like a perfect way to lose weight to me!

Jump Rope


Yep, I said it.  Jump rope.  Think back to your days on the playground when jumping rope was King. If I do recall myself, I would always come back from recess shiny with sweat. This has become a staple in my workout routine, using it as a cardio interval between my strength training sets and personally, I have never felt such of a burn!  Burning on average 10-16 calories a minute, jumping rope adds a fun twist to the average workout.

There are countless options to amp up your workout and to get your sweat on, and I have found that personally, these three are the most exciting and fun ways to do so!


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