Sweet Potatoes, and Why They Should Be Your Best Friends

Up until around this time last year, the word “sweet potato” never even crossed my mind for a lunch/dinner option. Now, you can ask anyone that knows me, sweet potatoes are my go-to meal for EVERYTHING.

Sweet potatoes have been deemed one of the world’s healthiest vegetables (click here for nine reasons why!) and so the best part about eating them is the fact that they taste like a cheat meal but you’re actually fueling your body with some essential nutrients!

When I first started eating them for meals I would just poke holes in them, nuke them in the microwave for eight minutes and call it fine cuisine! However, now that I have learned to love cooking and different variations of recipes, I have created a few sweet potato concoctions that I love sharing with everyone!

The one that I crafted tonight is my all-time favorite, a baked sweet potato stuffed with a ground turkey meat mixture very similar to the one for my Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe from last week! The ingredients are very basic and are easy to combine.  Here they are:

-However many medium to large sweet potatoes you desire

-Ground Turkey

-Black beans

-Nonfat Fage Greek yogurt (once again, weird I know but tastes like sour cream I promise!)

-Taco seasoning

-Diced red onion

-Sriracha to taste

-Lime juice to taste


Now, for ingredients I typically don’t list serving sizes necessarily due to the fact that it all comes down to personal preference and how much or how little someone likes a certain recipe ingredient!

And, another disclaimer, for this recipe I am going to show the fundamentals with baking sweet potatoes. Baking requires much more time than just cooking in the microwave, so if ever in a time crunch just know that you can always nuke the sweet potatoes in the microwave!

So, good news, baking sweet potatoes is quite simple and requires minimal effort (music to your ears am I right?) First what you’ll do is simply wash off the potatoes with some cold water and then pierce them three to four times about halfway through the potato allowing them to breathe.

Then, rub down the potatoes lightly with olive oil and wrap them in foil. Place them in an oven preheated at 375 degrees and leave them in there anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the potato.

From there, make sure to set a timer for 30-45 minutes to let you know when to start cooking the taco meat.

Once that timer goes off, get a medium-sized skillet and begin to brown the taco meat. Once it is sufficiently browned, pour the taco seasoning on until thoroughly stirred. From there, add the diced onions, black beans, Greek yogurt, Sriracha and lime juice. Mix it all together and patiently wait for the decadent goodness to be removed from the oven.

In order to tell if the potatoes are thoroughly cooked, take an oven mit and lightly squeeze the potato, if it gives beneath your hand, it’s ready to be devoured.

Once the potatoes are removed, place them on a plate and slice them down the middle to open them up so that they can be properly stuffed (pause, isn’t the aroma to die for?!) Then add the taco mixture to the sweet potato and DIVE IN DON’T BE ASHAMED!!!

And the best part about these, is leftovers for days!!!! This recipe is easy, delicious, and so fun to watch come to life!  Sweet potatoes are hands down a gift from above and I hope you appreciate them as much as I do!


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