Prepare Yourselves, These Stuffed Bell Peppers Will Blow Your Mind!

Once again, another lazy Sunday has surfaced and I decided, might as well become a chef for the night and see what kind of crazy, healthy recipes I can come up with! I have a deep, deep appreciation for a good bell pepper dish, and my favorite style of food is Mexican, so I thought, why not try a healthy twist on Mexican stuffed bell peppers?!

Bell peppers are not only delicious, tangy and sweet, but are also INCREDIBLY good for you! According to the Fat Burning Furnace’s study on bell peppers, they are packed with vitamins that can help reduce your risk of cancer and are high in fiber and healthy carbs!

I decided to make a healthy twist on the classic stuffed bell pepper by going to my local Ralph’s and scouring the aisles for interesting ways to twist the classic stuffed pepper and to make it my own.

Here is what I decided on:

-6 hollowed out red and orange peppers

Trader Joes All Natural Ground Turkey

-1 cup all natural non-fat Greek yogurt (sounds strange I know, but it has the consistency and taste of sour cream, promise!)

-1 can of black beans

-1 can sliced black olives

-1/3 cup diced red onion

-1 can green chilies

-1 packet taco seasoning of choice

-2 Roma tomatoes diced

-Sriracha (use as little or as much as preferred according to your spicy preference!)

-Mexican style blend of shredded cheeses


To start off, preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Then, in a large skillet pour a little bit of olive oil, then place ground turkey into the skillet until it is brown. Once the turkey is brown, pour the taco seasoning in and add around ¾ cup of water to help the seasoning mix thoroughly. Then, add the black beans, Greek yogurt, black olives, red onion, chilies and Sriracha and stir the mix thoroughly until all of the new ingredients are dispersed evenly.

Then, spray down an 8×12 cooking pan with olive oil and place the hollowed out bell peppers onto the pan. Dish out the turkey mixture into each bell pepper until the mix is almost spilling out (want to get the most bang for your buck here!). Then, place a large sheet of foil over the tops of the bell peppers and place in the oven for one hour.

Once the hour is up, remove your bell pepper creation (smell the deliciousness!) sprinkle the cheese mix on top, and place the bell peppers back into the oven for five more minutes. After your time is up, remove them from the oven, allowing them to cool for a few short minutes and dig in.  Don’t feel bad when you start to devour it, we aren’t cute eaters here 😉

This dish is not only freaking AMAZING, but incredibly nutritious with the endless amounts of veggies and protein packed foods inside (and, if planned properly, can be a dish to last you days!) I hope you enjoy my little creation and feel good about it too!


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