A Quick Fix to Your Lazy Sunday

Today was the epitome of a lazy Sunday that consisted of shopping, snacking and binge watching HBO. However, after a night out last night at a local Mexican restaurant with endless chips and salsa and a steaming plate of fajitas, I decided that no matter how tired and unmotivated I felt, I HAD to get a workout in.

It was 7pm when I decided to get off the couch but my school gym was closed, so I was forced to become practical with an at-home workout. So, this is when the saving grace of all fitness videos came in. Popsugar Fitness videos are hands down the BEST at home workouts that leave you sweaty but craving more.

They have endless options varying between 10-30 minute videos that can range from cardio to light weight lifting to core focused exercises and beyond.

I started with the 10-Minute At-Home Cardio Sweat Session that includes a series of easy to do cardio workouts that don’t involve running or high intensity training but still get your heart pumping and leave you excited for the what’s next!

The fitness trainer, Anna Renderer, is incredibly uplifting and is so easy to follow because she struggles with the workouts just like anyone else (and lets face it, no one likes doing exercise video where the trainer can practically run a marathon and barely bust a sweat). It’s always so important to remember that no matter who you are, everyone struggles to stay on track but keep pushing yourself and I promise, results WILL come!

Now, after a light cardio workout I like to either do a core exercise video or a video that will be specific to either the upper or lower body. So, today I decided to go with 10 Minutes to a Tighter Core. This video is designed to help shape and build a better core and without the repetitive function of your average crunch.

After completing both videos I definitely felt that burn in my core and that sweat on my forehead and let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE. With just 20 minutes in total of warm ups, exercises and cool downs there’s no excuse for not fitting this into your schedule!  Making the decision to get up and get moving is often times the hardest, but coming from today’s experience, I promise you won’t regret it!


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